Saturday, May 5 – Kentucky Derby Day at MSBR

(UPDATED 05.02.18)
It’s the biggest day in Bourbon – Derby Day!

Ladies, pull out your Spring dresses and hat- the bigger the better! Gentleman, find your trousers, jacket, and bowtie. Time to get dapper!

We will be featuring bourbon-centric Derby Day Drinks:
– Makers Mark Mint Julep ~ 6
– Buffalo Trace Bourbon Smash ~ 8
– Elijah Craig Sweet Sun Tea ~ 7
Add a flavor twist with strawberries, blackberries, or raspberries for an additional 0.50 each.

The horse lineups will be available to bet your friends (Sorry guys, we can’t gamble with you!) Submit your horses before the race for a chance to win a MSBR gift card.
– If your horse places, you will be entered into a $25 gift card drawing.
– If your horse wins, you will be entered into a $50 gift card drawing.
(*Note: Participants are only eligible to win one gift card)

We will be grabbing photos to feature on Social Media and our Website throughout the day!

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